Billie Eilish - NDA (Official Music Video)
Listen to “NDA” from the new album “Happier Than Ever”, out now:

Directed by Billie Eilish

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  • Saif Hamdan
    Saif Hamdan


  • Magda Skog
    Magda Skog

    nde pls ppl r diks

  • helen A
    helen A

    Mutlu ol yeter

  • Naini Stephen
    Naini Stephen

    Travis Scott- The Plan (similar rhythm)

  • Ricardo Quaresma
    Ricardo Quaresma

    Müzik müslüm babadan çalıntı😁

  • Kaitlyn McCort
    Kaitlyn McCort

    I love how you do all your videos. It’s amazing. This album is beyond amazing. Such a cool fucking video my god

  • proszespojrzec

    Beatifull pain

  • Juta

    this is fucking addicting


    Chills everytime she says you couldnt save me but you cant let me go🖤

  • Thahaani Hashir
    Thahaani Hashir

    it sounds like kahoot and among us music combined with a hella lot of autotune- billie- whats this bestie-

  • Antoo Peo
    Antoo Peo

    Te amo

  • sean ahmed
    sean ahmed

    parts of this new record are just so beautiful and genius!!!

  • Alber Galindo
    Alber Galindo

    Te amooo Bill

  • Dj Dead
    Dj Dead

    Müslüm baba????

  • Emine Öztürk
    Emine Öztürk


  • Montse Rios
    Montse Rios

    In this song she mentions the other songs titles, did u guys notice that? Example: 1:40 Getting older 1:42 Didn't change my number 1:50 My future

  • Diana Memmedova
    Diana Memmedova

    Türk yokmu la

    • zhypo


  • Derya Dogan
    Derya Dogan

    My favorite song from the along... It just hits different 😍😍😍

  • Gabriel Cardoso
    Gabriel Cardoso

    Muito top as músicas dela

  • Sofia De Pieri
    Sofia De Pieri

    Terrific, Billie.

  • sabrina lol
    sabrina lol

    Amoung us?

  • An Tu
    An Tu

    Top 2 fav songs bury a friend NDA and my dad was like I hope you love me and me be like I love dad mom and Billie eilish

  • Alev Ali
    Alev Ali

    0:44 It’s almost the same like one of the songs from Müslüm Gürses 👀🤣!

  • Chesca Encarnacion
    Chesca Encarnacion

    Did you think I'd show up in a limousine? No Had to save my money for security Got a stalker walking up and down the street Says he's Satan and he'd like to meet I bought a secret house when I was 17 Haven't had a party since I got the keys Had a pretty boy over but he couldn't stay On his way out, made him sign an NDA Yeah, I made him sign an NDA (Once was good enough) 'Cause I don't want him having shit to say You couldn't save me but you can't let me go I can crave you, but you don't need to know 30 under 30 for another year I can barely go outside, I think I hate it here (think I hate it here) Maybe I should think about a new career Somewhere in Kauai where I can disappear I've been having fun, getting older now Didn't change my number, made him shut his mouth (his mouth) At least I gave him something he can cry about I thought about my future but I want it now Mmm, want it now Mmm-mmm, mmm You can't give me up You couldn't save me, but you can't let me go I can crave you, but you don't need to know Did I take it too far? Now I know what you are You hit me so hard I saw stars Think I took it too far When I sold you my heart How'd it get so dark? I saw stars Stars

  • Stalkers Hub
    Stalkers Hub

    Wanna watch billie's edits i have them all💚💚 plzz help us by making it to 1k family🙏💚💚 i don't wanna do spamming i just need some help. Hope u have a amazing day💚💚🙏 love u billie💚💚💚🤗.


    Perfectoo, this clip is now one of my favorites, I'll put it on my list

  • Shrek

    When the imposter is sus: 0:33

  • Diana Olari
    Diana Olari

    Her voice is deep like allways..... She will never change... This are things that really make her cool... And Girl if you read this.... You have ALL my respect

  • Mikoláš Holata
    Mikoláš Holata

    I actually like Billie with autotune 🤔

  • Gergely Wertán
    Gergely Wertán

    Was expecting a supra tho

  • Andreea Tsvetanov
    Andreea Tsvetanov

    Three autotunes in a row, baby.

  • Tyler D
    Tyler D

    What is the beginning sound of the song from? I can’t figure it out but I’ve heard it before, either from a movie or another song…

  • Səkinə Maqsudova
    Səkinə Maqsudova

    00:33 00:38 - this sound some part belong to Müslüm Gürses (Turkish folk singer) 🇹🇷

  • Viq aass
    Viq aass

    Her music is ruining lives, btw it's everyfuckinone's

  • Sergio González Anselmo
    Sergio González Anselmo

    Bellyache dark version 💙

  • Taima Toto
    Taima Toto

    Im in luv😍💥

  • Ella bella
    Ella bella

    What in the Mario underground-

  • Winx


  • White Sand Club
    White Sand Club

    It's not by luck that she's this successful and popular, she works too hard on her art and Finneas is a great older brother and artist that adds a ton to her, Love you Billie ❤

  • Kendin Ol
    Kendin Ol

    Simdi bu arkadaslar turkce anlamiyo demi 🤔

  • Mama Mia
    Mama Mia

    One word : perfecto 💯

  • whispa

    second hook hits so hard

  • L Drago
    L Drago

    Why are you a Zionist

  • Isadora Callegari
    Isadora Callegari


  • SarcasticBites By NMurthy
    SarcasticBites By NMurthy

    This was the intensity needed in music, lyrics and voice for bond movie song 🤟🤸‍♀️ this is too good

  • Rapox YT
    Rapox YT

    Muslum Gurses Mutlu Ol Yeter

  • chiara

    the second part hits different

  • Bárbara Sthefany Dias dos Santos
    Bárbara Sthefany Dias dos Santos


  • manal sami
    manal sami

    الله ياخذ عمرك قولو آمين الله يكسرك قولو آمين الله يحرمك منا قولو آمين الله يفضحك قولو آمين الله يصيبك قولو آمين افضل ٥ سبات عدد كراه بيلي ايلش يحط لايك ...........

  • Maya

    Still one of my favourites

  • Savannah Lights
    Savannah Lights

    Billie: new hair New song types New bass New life

  • Savannah Lights
    Savannah Lights

    "So uh we're gonna film you walking through a road and blow air in your face and then your done !" Billie : -kay

  • Sofia Snithuk
    Sofia Snithuk

    Біля Аліш топ

  • Beyza Karadere
    Beyza Karadere

    müslüm babadan çalmışsın insan bi cr verir

  • Sedef Tek
    Sedef Tek

    Müslüm Babaaaaaa

  • John M. Tiu
    John M. Tiu

    The kindhearted melody intracellularly need because water prenatally observe about a tested run. tidy, deserted hip

  • Whitney Hawkins
    Whitney Hawkins


  • Marielle 24
    Marielle 24

    @ 0:33 beats remind me of Lalisa Manoban's latest dance video in lili film.

  • BRUXO END (oficial)
    BRUXO END (oficial)

    Hi bllie i love you Billie i love you XXXTENTACION XXXEILISH❤❤❤❤

  • Whitney Hawkins
    Whitney Hawkins

    Be careful bille

  • Kátia Debus
    Kátia Debus

    She says the name of a couple songs of the new album in this lyrics.... pay attention.... GETTING OLDER, DIDNT CHANGE MY NUMBER... MY FUTURE.... etc

  • micky

    Billie I LOVE YOU!!! you are my idol❤️❤️❤️

  • Öylesine biri...
    Öylesine biri...


  • paola cruz
    paola cruz


  • LONX 💛
    LONX 💛


  • mahdi -player
    mahdi -player


  • Martin Why
    Martin Why

    Why so rock? It is not billie s song, not emo enough. My ear hurts already 😭

  • Hollagrl0999

    This song and “Clover Cage - Game Over” are the only two things keeping me sane through these tough times. I just want to send love to everyone and I want everyone to know things will get better...We are in this together...I love you...🤍💜

  • Alex Drummond
    Alex Drummond

    Duet with Julien Doré ?

  • mahdis mrz
    mahdis mrz


  • Nandha Kishore
    Nandha Kishore

    Love u belli❤️

  • Uhmm. Hi.
    Uhmm. Hi.

    "Satan wants to meet" "Think I took it too far" "Sold you my heart" Yall really dont understand what's going? What else she needs to say? Does she needs to say iM IN THE ILLUMINATI for you to wake up. She is in and wants out but cant

  • wait what
    wait what

    i really hate you but damn this is lit

  • Sugar

    Is that the same road she filmed Bellyache in?


    Müslüm babadan çalınmış D:

  • Kermit DaFrog
    Kermit DaFrog

    More autotune than usual but your voice is amazing with and with out it

  • AB

    @NF VIBES🖤

  • ZOEE.🕷️🕸️

    I Love you billie🤭💜

  • Ahoura Cyrus
    Ahoura Cyrus


  • John Connor
    John Connor

    2 fu aking notes.............. too basic

  • Jingyoun Lee
    Jingyoun Lee

    free palestine

  • Logan Waxter
    Logan Waxter

    This song sounds like one where the artist is making a last song from there latest era (aka when we all fall asleep where do we go?)

  • İrmak sila kutsal
    İrmak sila kutsal

    Mutlu ol yeter :)

  • Simon Torres
    Simon Torres

    Amongus: The song

  • Gigi

    Just noticed the mention of other songs from the album in there! Love when things come togethet as one connected project without sounding at all like each other 👌❤

  • AbdulAli

    Muslim Gürses şarkısına benziyo

  • Resad

    Lan Müslüm BABAĞ

  • مجهول مجهول
    مجهول مجهول


  • Armane Aluna Catipay
    Armane Aluna Catipay

    This song is made for a movie periodt

  • Eiji

    Shedde nee3ek ya ba2ra wala kelme 3am t2ooleya metel l5ale2

  • Yn Sinha
    Yn Sinha

    Shes the only one who has the potential to singing well

  • Mutaz Awad
    Mutaz Awad



    0:33 arkadaşlar müslüm babadan çalmış

  • maggie paloma
    maggie paloma

    this is EPIC!

  • Ayhan Zencirci
    Ayhan Zencirci

    İbrahim tatlisesten gelenler begensin🇹🇷

  • litteramanda

    why u support israel?



  • ☯︎︎ Bunn!x ☯︎︎
    ☯︎︎ Bunn!x ☯︎︎


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